Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mortal Kombat - An Odyssey The Quest for Peace (Part IV Super Arcade Edition)

Rather unbelievably a fault has developed with the sound board, simultaneous to the power cable and volume pot going missing. The cynic inside me is being kept at bay with a low constant "Grrrrrrrrrr".

Luckily a few Mortal Kombat board experts reside on the forums. A lengthy exchange of posts has me performing basic fault finding checks on the sound board like:
  • Checking all wiring
  • Checking all wiring for continuity
  • Checking grounds
  • Lifting and cleaning IC chips
  • Checking capacitors for leakage
Based on concrete checks and visual inspections all the above passed and the loud humming remained. That left only one component on the sound board, a part known for failure - The Audio Amp (The Vertical IC attached to the heat sink with paste pictured)

Sound Board Audio Amp

The process to replace the audio amp is fairly straight forward but requires an ok level of soldering skills. My soldering skills are just about ok so I was more than willing to give this a go.

Replacement Audio Amp
Heat Sink Removed

Audio Amp Removed

I don't have a photo of the new IC in place but basically everything looks the same as the first picture.

For what surely must be the same time, I connect up all the boards and turn on the cabinet on. Not too long now to wait for Motal Kombat's less than dulcet tones! It has to be fixed. Right? Wrong again!

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