Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mortal Kombat 1 - An Odyssey First Blood (Part I)

Right. Owning an arcade machine is not always straight forward and the nature of things being old and well used can rear their ugly heads from time to time. A Mortal Kombat pcb I purchased recently demonstrated that in frustrating abundance.

I bought a supposedly complete MK1 pcb around Christmas time. I only intend to own a few pcbs, MAMEing the rest, and with the Mortal Kombat series being some of my favourites I was really looking forward to getting this up and running.
I received the board promptly and well packaged but it was missing a cable, namely power/sound.


To explain the construct of the board:
  • The main game pcb (left) which conatins all the game code
  • A smaller separate sound board (right) which contains and processes all the game sounds

Finally there are two cables:
  • A ribbon cable (akin to a PC IDE cable) which transfers all the sounds from the sound board back to the main board
  • A power/sound cable which provides power to the sound board from the main board

So needless to say when I fired up the game for the first time I had no audio.
Ok, so I need a replacement cable and I'm good to go. Right? Wrong!

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