Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mortal Kombat - An Odyssey The Voyage Home (Part V)

Sometimes in life, the "softly softly, give every piece of electronics a fair chance" approach doesn't always work. After Rage Quitting the Mortal Kombat sound board out through the window, a replacement was the only option left available to me.

So back to the forums, a post in the Wanted section and a few hours later I've sealed the deal on a replacement sound board. The board itself was very reasonable but with shipping almost the same again, this was going to be a pricey solution.

Six days after posting the board arrived to me in work. Looks in good nick for something over twenty years old!

Replacement Sound Board

All that is left to do is is hook it all up blah blah. Surely this has to work? Surely?

YES! YES! YES! It's alive.

A picture may paint a thousand words but unfortunately they haven't yet evolved to store audio. These few images will have to do until I make a short video of it in action.

Mortal Kombat Start Screen
Goro Lives

Press Start!
Round One. Fight!

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