Friday, 8 February 2013

Light Kick, Medium Kick, Heavy Kick

Kick harnesses are a pain. Well they're not that bad but typically you have to wire each different one directly from the game board to the buttons. As that can be a job to trace the cables through the cab up to the control panel, several kick harnesses are often left connected to the extra buttons through  a daisy chain. Messy.

So instead, and courtesy of FrancoB I have a custom universal kick harness solution.

First the basics.
The Atomiswave outputs buttons 4 and 5 for player 1 and 2 via the Jamma Harness. It sends button 6 down a separate cable, labelled S. What the universal harness does is connect wires to each of those. All the wires go back to a single connector, an AMP Up (I think).

Then for each different type of kick harness I require, it is just a case of getting a cable that connects between the game board and the Amp Up. No more messing around with long lengths of cable running to the Control Panel.

Below are the Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 cables I have gotten so far. Other obvious possibilities would include CPS1, CPS2 and JPac.

The Process
A Jamma pass through adapter is required to connect buttons 4 and 5. Franco can supply these but I already had one for my Negatron -5V.

The next step was to solder six cables to the pass through. They wire up as follows:
Parts Side - P1B4 - Pin 25
Parts Side - P1B5 - Pin 26
Parts Side - P1GND - Pin 28
Solder Side - P2B4 - Pin c
Solder Side - P2B5 - Pin d
Solder Side - P2GND - Pin f

I also took the opportunity to wire up a power cable for an audio amp that needs 12V.

Finally the solution all hooked up, including the S connector. Just a case of connecting and disconnecting each specific custom Kick Harness as required:

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