Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Placed an order for some various bits and pieces with Gremlin Solutions a few days ago. They're probably not the cheapest around but they have a huge range of stock and the delivery was super fast. A couple of days only from the UK to Ireland.

For anyone interested, this is what I picked up:
  • JPac USB Version
  • Seimitsu LS-32-02 * 2 (White ball tops included)
  • Sanwa OBSF-24 Orange * 1
  • Sanwa OBSF-24 White * 2
  • Sanwa OBSF-30 Green * 6
  • Sanwa OBSF-30 Orange * 6
  • Sanwa LB-35 Green * 1
  • Sanwa LB-35 Orange * 1
The one player panel came with a non stock yellow colour Start button. I bought a single OBSF-24 in Orange to return to panel to its intended glory.


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