Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Coin Mech Shenanigans

The MVS mainboard allows setting all games on the cartridge to Freeplay via a dipswitch. But that's not what a real arcade experience is about. Pumping coins in is the only right and proper way to do things!

The coin mech in the cab I assume is set to accept Japanese 100 Yen coins. I don't have any of those coins but I do a few neat Sega and Konami tokens.


A quick google and I stumble upon the Aracde Otaku wiki to adjusting coin mechs to accept different coins. Bingo!

While not the quickest task in the world, it just requires a bit of patience. After an hour of on and off again fiddling I have the tokens passing through the coin mech but then disaster. They flip the microswitch just fine but then get stuck in the lower part of the coin chute bracket assembly (say what). A picture speaks a thousand words:

Unfortunately there is no way to remedy this without hacking the bejesus out of that metal assembly. They're also a difficult replacement part to track down so I decide against that - my cool Sega and Konami tokens are a no go. I decide on 20 cent Euro coins instead. A bit more fiddling and all is well. Coin mech adjusted without any hackery!

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