Tuesday, 30 October 2012


After giving the cab quick clean and disinfecting on the surfaces I then turned my attention to missing artwork - namely the instruction strip space and marquee.

The marquee holder was included but not in the best condition. I cleaned it and the instruction strip area with accompanying glass plate as best as possible.
I previously had ordered some reproduction artwork from this guy:

Quality isn't too bad but all his stuff is actually stickers. For my purposes I left the backing on which kept the artwork rigid.

Both the instruction strip and marquee are a good fit to be fair. I did also get a replacement 100 Yen Insert Coin sticker but it is a little small and the colours aren't a perfect match. I'll keep looking for a better replacement but perhaps this repro one I already have is as good as they get.
I've also ordered a repro maruqee holder from BlingStix.


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